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Who Is In The Mirror?

Who is that you see when you look the mirror? As women we tend to focus on what we see as our imperfections which means we focus on the outward appearance. Look pass the physical and what comes to your mind as you are looking at yourself? How do you feel about yourself? In other words what do you feel that you are worth?
In the not so distant past, I spent one night in hotel alone compliments of my husband for my birthday. It was part of a 3 day sabbatical from my job. This was during a time when I was deeply seeking answers from God. I relaxed, prayed and praised God in that room seeking clarity about a ministry that was in my heart.
I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Treated myself to my favorite takeout. I woke the next morning continuing in prayer and praise before checking out. I spent the rest of the day window shopping with a deep disappointment that I did not have any answers.
When I got home on that Friday, I was regretting having to say to my husband that I have no more revelation than when I left. I was quite surprised on Saturday morning when Lord began speaking to me about the purpose of my sabbatical. It was not about ministry it was about me and he started revealing things to me about me. I have been on this discovery of self worth and allowing the Lord to reveal to me the true me for about five years.
Our self worth can be based on our past and present opinions of ourselves or others. I don’t know about you but, I have times when I am more concerned about the opinion of others and how they perceive me. I am a work in progress and it has taken my mid-forties to begin to become comfortable with who I am and who God created me to be. God is revealing things about myself that I have not been paying close attention too as well as strengthening me daily to accept myself. This is the key, self acceptance.
Accepting ones self is most important. Learning to enjoy our own company is necessary. Relying on others to validate you is not necessary. What God says about you is most important. My word of encouragement is learn to embrace your uniqueness and allow God to show exactly who you are which is so much more than others opinions and put downs. You are so worthy of all God has planned for you. Remember Esther became Queen and so are you.