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Recognize that You are Full of Potential


Sometimes, it is difficult for people to recognize their potential because some of us think and feel we limited potential. What I mean by that is that as we grow from childhood to adulthood, we recognize things that we are good at but still never reach our full potential. I have brought up countless times in these discussions, how we give others so much control over our lives by how they treat us and what they say to us that it causes us to hold back. The Army slogan is “Be all You Can Be”. Those of us who have children are always encouraging them to be the best they can be and we tell them they can become anything they want to be. We are just trying to keep them encourage because we believe in them. God believes in you. He created you and He knows exactly what you can do.

Esther as you can guess by now is one of my favorite women in the bible because she had no clue the greatness that was inside her and I think I can identify with her. When she discovered the decree to kill her people and her uncle said you must go to the King, Esther was like are you kidding no one goes to the King without invitation. Despite her fear she had the Jews begin to pray and she went before the King. I believe at this moment she began to recognize the potential in side herself to save her people. She took the risk and found favor with the King. Unlike Esther aren’t you glad you have a Father (king) who you can go to without fear or rejection and make your request known unto Him. Some of you God have been trying to get you to recognize your potential and when he opens a door He says take the risk because I already know the outcome.

The 12 months that Esther was in the purification process, she was also getting to know her God in a very personal and real way. Some of you are afraid of the process because you will have to deal with you have become but the beauty is that you then become who you were to be. Once God unlocks the queen in you, your gifts, talents and callings will become so clear. Your spirit will receive passion for whatever you are called to do for Him. Everyone is not called to be an apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor or an evangelist but you were created with specific gifts and talents for the Kingdom. I want to challenge you in the next week to spend some quiet time with God (try not to let your mind wonderclip_image001[4]) and pour out your fears, hopes and dreams and let Him minister to you. We all need God’s healing power to mend broken hearts, dreams and promises and other issues that keep us from moving forward. In order for some of us to reach our full potential we need to become whole and wholeness breeds’ success. I want every women to be all that they can be so let’s encourage ourselves and pray for God strength.

Be Release.